Button.Activated having issues with mobile devices

Like I’ve stated above, I’m having issues with buttons corresponding with mobile users.

I’ve made an avatar customization UI which consists of buttons all across it. For PC users, everything’s functional. However, with phones, 5/6 categories can be clicked whileas the 6th one is unresponsive. The script is properly written and I’ve even copied/pasted some of the lines as I thought I’ve made a typo to assure I’m doing it right. However, that is not the case.

.Activated has always been the preferred method of using buttons if we wanted to have our game playable by different platforms, but it’s confusing how some of the elements are responsive and some aren’t.

I don’t think putting in a script is neccessary as PC users have absolutely no issues compared to mobile players which means that it’s not code-related.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so, how do I resolve it?

if it is the exact same, maybe post a sample of one that works on PC, and the one that doesn’t work on mobile.

Also by the way instead of making a script for each button, just use loops and you can do it with just one script.

Everything’s in 1 script and I’m using .Activated as it’s the preferred method of using buttons that are compatible with both PC and mobile platforms.

Scriptwise, everything’s the same.
I don’t think putting up a video would be that beneficial as the topic goes straight to the point: using .Activated with PC works without a problem while it partially causes issues on phones with the exact same code.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so, what are the alternative methods I could use to resolve it?

nevermind, forgot to up the ZIndex count