Button/label Fill-ins

Hey, Developers so I am working on an Admin Panel and one of the pages includes the following settings.

  • Username (Username of the player)
  • Players in-game (How many players are on the server)
  • Server uptime (How many Seconds, Hours & Minutes the server has been running)
  • Players Profile Picture

All of these are in a TextLabel and I was wondering how I can make this possible through a script


I tried It this way but it doesn’t seem to work.

Can we see a view of the explorer? Its hard to tell what you’re trying to do. Inner.Text could be the .Text property of the TextLabel/Button/Box Inner, or it could be a child of the Frame Inner named Text.

If you don’t want to show the explorer explaining what each variable is would also be fine.

Edit: A screenshot of the console output would also help



Yep, much clearer now.

Username.Admin.Home.Inner.Text.Username = Players.LocalPlayer.Name

With this line, you’re setting the Instance Username to a string (Players.LocalPlayer.Name), you have to set the .Text property instead.

Username.Admin.Home.Inner.Text.Username.Text = Players.LocalPlayer.Name

Hmm, Still seems like it isn’t functioning right.

Something wrong?

Not really sure how I didn’t notice this before. Replace Username.Admin with script.Parent.Admin, or you could keep the variable and do this:

local Text = script.Parent.Admin.Home.Inner.Text
Text.Username.Text = Players.LocalPlayer.Name

-- with this, you can easily index the Serveruptime, Playersuptime, and Rank TextLabels
-- by just doing Text.Serveruptime, Text.Playersuptime, and Text.Rank