Buying Large Asset Bundles

About Us

Hi, My name alias Tyfor_Dev, and I’m Head of hiring (May just be the worst title ive received in my whole career) For Outlander Studios We made Backflip simulator and are constantly striving for growth on roblox.

The Team
@Christmas_HS - Owner
@Tyfor_Dev - Investor, Sometimes voluntary developer

About The Job

We are looking to buy Large asset packs However simulator assets ideal.
This should. honestly be able to lead to us being able to make a complete game relatively easily.

– not buying cafes, hotels, police , army, ice cream parlours etc. –

If you just wish to sell just models / just scripts shoot as an offer


We are fortunate enough to have lead successful projects in the past so we have payments we believe fair and flexible.

(Just shoot us a price and we will consider)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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Do not reply unless you are interested in the offer. Do not mini-mod. Do not start discussions about terms of service.

I will vouch this group, they are a very hard working group and can most likely make most games big. I have started my career essentially with this group. It has a great active community and trustworthy members. 100% recommend this group.

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Im interested! Ive got a good handful of assets Id be happy to sell to you! All low Poly, all made by me, and I can def use the money right before christmas! :smile: Just shoot me a reply/dm!
Discord: ItsTannerTot#3018

Sent you a dm. Hoping to get in touch. :slight_smile:

Did not work → Tyfor#5499 add me

I’m also interested, and would like to mention something before confirming a deal :slight_smile:

Discord: DigitalRock#5659

I’m interested in selling some assets, I’ve made some in the past.
My portfolio for reassurance.

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