(BUYING) Star Wars Assets

I’m looking to buy Star Wars assets. Preferably already created maps, scripts, etc. Willing to look at anything you guys have! Also I’d prefer they be more Sith styled assets, but whatever works.

Large budget. Making a decent Star Wars group.


I have a lot of assets, I’ll contact you

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I have some Star Wars maps for sale.

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Message me them, please<3 I’d love to see all you’ve got!

I’d suggest trying your best to make sure they are original and not stolen copies, as the genre is filled with people that do that. If ya ever need a good source of development that’s original, message me. I’ll invite ya to one of the biggest and most active genre hubs on discord.


@CreationOfCarnage if you need original assets or a place to hire and or find original assets, Merc’s genre disc is the most preferred since there are genre experts to help you understand if someone is trying to rip you off and such, best of luck though!

I’m interested hmu on Discord.


I can create high detailed low lag maps and assets for you.

Still searching! Please DM/post all assets!

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