BuzzTime FAQ/Frequently asked questions


Q: When is the cafe open?

The cafe is constantly open for you! But we can’t guarantee that staff will be there, you can always check the dizzy server or the group shout to see when shifts are being hosted, there is not a schedule for shifts, they happen randomly.

Q: How can I apply for Trainee?

Trainee: You can simply apply for Trainee at our application center.

Intern: Intern Applications are only opened when we need Interns! They are posted in the announcements channel on our dizzy server. (Read the requirements)

Q: I’m a Trainee and I want to rank up!

In order to gain Cashier, you need 50 points, the bot will auto rank you.

Q: If someone is admin abusing, who do I tell?
You can tell an HR(Head Staff+) with proof and evidence of an admin abuser.

Q: If a staff member is being rude, what do I do?

Contact a staff member, (Staff Assistant+) so we can address this issue.

Q: How many warnings are given to trollers?

They are given 1 warning, kick, temp ban, perm ban(can appeal)

Q: What can I do if I was banned on ROBLOX/Discord?
The bot sends you a welcome message with a document holding the appeal form incase you get banned, on Roblox, use our Dizzy server to appeal.

Q: I have safe chat, can I work here?
Everyone is welcomed here at BuzzTime. :slight_smile: