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BuzzTime is a roleplay community game, we sell the best cakepops and muffins here in all of robloxia, this post is for information about roles, partnering, rules, and much more.

Partnership information

If you’re willing to send an alliance application, please contact a Representative on our discord server.


  • Your group must be a company.
  • Must have 100+ members.
  • Your group must be organized.
  • Your group must not have enemies.
Staff Rules
  • Be respectful to everyone.
  • Don’t troll.
  • Follow the community rules.
  • Don’t get in arguments.
  • Don’t give other people random items they didn’t ask for.
  • Do not ask for a promotion.
  • Do your job correctly.

Our cookbook is on another post, below you can find the cookbook.
BuzzTime Cookbook

Community Rules
  • Do not Bypass the chat filter
  • Do not Spam.
  • Don’t say Racist/vulgar comments.
  • Don’t Insult others or causing a disruption
  • Don’t troll.
  • Don’t exploit/hack.
  • Be respectful to everyone and staff.
  • If staff tell you to do something do it.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Don’t talk about personal things.
  • Advertising is not permitted.
  • Be respectful to everyone and staff.
  • If staff tell you to do something do it.(If you think it is unjustified please let a higher rank know)
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Don’t talk about personal things.
  • Don’t swear.
  • Don’t order more than 3 items at a time.
  • Order off the menu.
  • Don’t glitch.

You must follow the dress code, here are the things you’re not allowed to wear:

  • You must wear clothes, don’t just wear nothing.
    or half clothes.
  • Don’t wear inappropriate clothing.
Training Times

Training Time: (Monday to Thursday)
6:00AM EDT
9:00AM EDT
12:00PM EDT
3:00PM EDT
6:00PM EDT
9:00PM EDT
12:00AM EDT
3:00AM EDT

Training Time: (Friday to Sunday)

All times are in EST. Be there 10 minutes before the session starts!

Intern Guide


  • You must use grammar.
  • You must not have safechat.
  • You must be in our discord server.
  • You must follow all rules and not have a bad reputation.
  • Pass a background check.
    Intern applications open every 2 weeks, and they are open for about a week.
Role Information

Customers- Visit the cafe

Customer: Customers are the core members of the group.

Noted Customer: Noted Customers are former management members who resigned from their position.

Affiliate Representative: A representative from one of our partnership groups.

Low Ranks - Work at BuzzTime

[LR] Trainee: Trainees have to go to training to get ranked up before working in the kitchen.

[LR] Junior Barista: After achieving 25 points in game, you will be ranked to JB.

[LR] Senior Barista: After achieving 50 points in game, you will be ranked to SB.

[LR] Kitchen Leader: This is the last obtainable LR rank. You will have to fill out an application and if you pass you will be ranked to Employee Assistant.

Middle Ranks - Manage the Cafe
[MR] Employee Assistant: These members of the BuzzTime staff team have passed the application. They will have to partake in trainings.

[MR] Supervisor: These members will have to help co-host trainings, aswell as supervise the cafe.

[MR] Assistant Manager: Assistant manager co-host trainings and supervise the cafe. They also will can recommend Head Cashiers.

[MR] General Manager: GM’s help out with moderation and supervise the cafe to make sure there is no disrespectful staff, this is the last MR role at BuzzTime.

High Ranks - Oversee Group Processes

[HR] Junior Coporate: These are people who are now HR. They will get the option to be in the Public Relations Department or the Human Resources Department.

[HR] Senior Corporate: These members have been promoted from JC to SB from being noticed by a SHR. This is the last HR role.

Super High Ranks - Run The Group

[SHR] Chief Operations Officer: These members have been recongized from a higher SHR for their outstanding work as a HR and have made it to the SHR team.

[SHR] Chief Relations Officer: This rank has a rank cap of only 3 people. Chief Relations Officers are responsible for overseeing all group related actions, but their main role is to oversee the other roles.

[SHR] Executive Assistant: Executive Assistants are close to getting to the presidential team, and keep doing their main tasks.

[SHR] Board of Directors: The 5 board of directors are in charge of all group operations. Each member is given a specific responsibility but the board makes decisions as a democracy under the guidance of the Chief Executive Officers.

[SHR] Vice-President: The Vice President look after all the SHR ranks, they are also supposed to make sure operations go smoothly, also they are the 3rd in command if something was going on down at the cafe, they help.

[SHR] President: The President will work with the Vice President to make sure the operations and trainings are going well. The President will also be in charge of every SHR.

[SHR] Managing Director: The Managing Director oversees everything with the company, along with behind the scenes and within the community. They keep the group and operations running smoothly.