Bylocks - UI Designer [CLOSED]



About me

I’ve been on Roblox since March 2012 and began my development in March 2016. I can make UI designs and script animation if needed for them. I can also script and build but I don’t commission those.

UI Examples

Here is a portfolio of some works of mine:



When I’m On

I am on from 12 PM - 1 AM EST
Sunday - Saturday


I accept robux, or paypal. NO PERCENTAGE. We can sort out a reasonable price if you were to contact me.

Contact me via:

Twitter - @Bylocks52
Dev Forum
Discord - Bylocks#7571


Amazing UI work, keep it up.


Thank you!


Those are some hot looking UIs.


Very nice, any tips for beginning UI Designers?


Just experiment, you don’t need to buy Photoshop or illustrator when you are just starting. or gimp work just as well. Try finding some simple UI designs on google and try to replicate them. As you start feeling more confident try harder designs.


Reopened! My skills have increased a fair amount.


they look great man :+1:
fantastic work.


Added 2 new commissions/examples to the portfolio!


Recently purchased some UI’s off Bylocks! This user is friendly and explained what could look good with certain styles of games.


Commissions are back open!

Only accepting two at a time.


Ive send you a discord friend request.


Looks good, but did you draw that coin icon


Very nice portfolio and such a great UI Designer! Keep it up!


Yes it is 100% made by me. I used the ‘Starlight’ font for the the money sign. For the circle I added a gradient, an inside shadow, as well as a stroke.