BYM Re-Development State Update

Hello there again!

As promised in the last letter, we are committed to delivering you status updates on what’s the progress on BYM’s development.

We know it’s a little late news here, but our Administrator MrKingLordOdin (aka SenatorLordOdin) has published a video where he explains why did BYM shutdown in the first place, as well as explaining briefly what Filtering Enabled actually is and how does it work.

(Contrary to what the video may imply, we want to re-launch BYM still this year. Keep reading!)

0a9810ad37c67ef76b8ab70d416aa49a Is there a reopening date yet?

  • Not an actual date, but we have a schedule! BYM should be functioning already, we are only finetuning the security issues. As mentioned in the last post, in a bad implemented network behavior, FE does next to nothing.

  • That said, we’re hoping to get BYM back to public testing somewhen this month. Unless something major comes in the way, we’re 10 or 20 days away from being ready. Don’t doubt if we’re saying sharky is doing huge binges development-wise to get the game as impenetrable as a massive titanium block.

a044ad333c1c8d11f0f550bb7641edcd What about the featuring process?

  • Before we move on to that stage, there’s still a lot to do even after the game is up again. There are content additions and other features where dedication to the game (playtime, the thing we know as the “player level”) matters. This is to mainly incentivize players in-game to dedicate more to the game.

779e65dea5167dff62db7132b81204b1 Some questions answered

In the BYMFC wall, I have noticed that some of you had some concerns about what would happen to your saves. What we say is that:

  • Any saves and purchases you had in BYM are going to remain untouched when reopened. You might lose the save’s metadata (name, part count, etc.) so that the slot looks empty, but you’ll be able to load the contents normally and recover the metadata.

  • Saves and purchases from RBYM will NOT transfer over to BYM - this is because:

    • 1. BYM and RBYM don’t share the same DataStore. This means that when the game server sends your save to Roblox to be saved, it is saved in a different location from BYM itself. To get around this we would need to set up a cloud virtual machine (e.g. Microsoft Azure) and program it to act as a middleman between both BYM & RBYM. Since we need it to operate 24/7, it will incur in money and time being spent with unknown outcome to players.

    • 2. BYM and RBYM encode data with different methods. This means that if we were to compare the same mech created in both worlds, we would get very different pieces of text. This is the same as the differences between having an image in PNG and a copy of it in JPEG. They are the same once opened, but they are encoded differently. Creating a converter would take too much time (most likely, it would produce inaccurate results which compromise the creation’s integrity), and messing up with the encoding/decoding methods in BYM to be the same of RBYM is somewhat dangerous at this point.

    • TL; DR: It takes too much time to correctly design and implement a system to transfer saves between BYM and RBYM.

If you (and therefore your account) are over 13 years old, we really recommend you to check out the Social Media section of BYM’s game page as we have several off-site endpoints where we can cater you with better, more up-to-date information. Due to Roblox rules, we cannot really provide the links here.

If you’re afraid of losing your skills, one of our Administrators, Zenuvius, has available his own version of BYM (also known as RBYM) that you can use to keep practicing your building.

WARNING! RBYM and BYM saves ARE NOT CROSS-COMPATIBLE! This means that builds and/or purchases made on RBYM WILL NOT transfer to BYM!

That’s all. Thanks for reading, and keep hyped!


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The BYM Management Team


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