Bypassed Music In-Game

Ok so I am currently creating a game in which users will be able to play their own music. One question I have is: Do I have to moderate music? There are plenty of bypassed audios on Roblox with cursing and inappropriate language. If a user played this song, would there be a possibility my game would be moderated, or would it be ignored because the audio was not moderated on Roblox? Would I have to moderate and blacklist audios that contain inappropriate language, or would it be “allowed” because Roblox did not moderate the audio?


I doubt roblox would moderate your game unless you were promoting bypassed roblox audios in your game. If a user chooses to play a bypassed audio that is more of a roblox moderation flaw for allowing the audio to be approved.


If the user is playing inappropriate sounds that hasn’t been moderated by ROBLOX I would ban them and report the soundid so it’ll be removed from the platform.


I agree with @C0_le and @Acidlure. If you find bypassed audio you can blacklist it from the music player.


There is an additional restriction in that you can only have a set of up to 250 APM Music tracks in your game. If you have or allow access to more then that, then it is possible for action to be taken against your game. Note that If you use APM music tracks, you are also not allowed to use regular music.

This is fairly annoying, as it results in one of three options needing to be taken:

  1. The creator editing their radio gamepasses to contain only a subset of 250 APM tracks, usually via dropdown;
  2. The creator using external APIs to examine music IDs and preventing any music owned by Roblox to be played;
  3. The creator allowing all music whatsoever and risking action being taken for allowing both APM and regular music.
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I’ve have a incident with a shorten song playing that contains lots of 18+ content


Actually, from what I remember, games with boomboxes or ways for players to play any music from the roblox catalogue don’t fall under the 250 songs limit. That limit is only for the songs developers manually put into the game.

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You have a lot of faith in Roblox. But nope, your game would most likely get taken down for review. Ofcourse Roblox would still add a memo internally to fix this flaw, but the moderation decision wouldn’t be changed. Why? Because you’re still responsible for what players can do in your game.


Nah, that limit counts for the songs that is played in your game.

250 Track Limit. You may not use Licensed Music to create a streaming service or music library within UGC with Licensed Music nor may you charge users to listen to a specific track of the Licensed Music. You have the right to place, play, and have played up to 250 discrete tracks of Licensed Music, or portions thereof, at any one time into a single UGC with Licensed Music. You can replace existing tracks of Licensed Music into a single UGC with new tracks at any time, provided that there are no more than 250 Licensed Music tracks in such UGC at any one time.

Disclaimer: This isn’t legal advice nor should you take it as such

Just make sure in your game (the UGC in question) there’s not more than 250 tracks playing at any one time. (By tracks I’m referring to the music Roblox added when they made efforts of removing unlicensed music from the library)