C_Sharper | Scripter looking for small or mid-level jobs

About me

Greetings! I’ve been programming on Roblox for several years, and I’m pretty comfortable doing it. More recently I’ve been looking for work to do for people in order to grow closer to a possible Dev Ex.


One project I’ve been working on a lot lately can be viewed here, it’s a Bowling Simulator type of game:

I’ve done the programming for this. I do not take credit for any building or graphic design included in it.


Currently very free right now. Am looking for smaller or mid-level jobs, sort of throwing entire games out of the picture as of now. I hope to update this thread to best match up with my current availability in the future.


The only payment I’m really seeking after at this time is USD payouts via Pay Pal. :slight_smile:


I would prefer if you first contacted me on my Roblox profile (via messaging), and if I’m up for your job, we could then go over to Discord for more constant communication. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking some time to read my profile! :slight_smile:


Hey! I love the Bowling Game! I am in need of a scripter for something. I sent you a message on ROBLOX, but if you would like to talk further about this, please contact me on Discord at zk_Maxx#1335

Thank you,

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I couldn’t resist asking, but how long were you developing for .NET?

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Currently looking for jobs! Could possibly get something done tonight depending on what it is.

Do you script guns? If so, I would be glad to hire you!

It would really depend on how complex you’d like it to be. If you’re looking for something entry-level, you could shoot me a message explaining how you’d like it to be made. If it’s a higher-end FPS type of weapon engine you need, I’m probably not your guy unfortunately xd

Yeah, it is very complex. I would’ve scripted it myself if it wasn’t. Anyways thanks and good luck! :slight_smile:

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Currently looking for any smaller jobs! Hit me up if you need something made. :slight_smile:

I’ve worked with C_Sharper and his commissioned work is really high quality and he gets his work done quickly.

For my commissions, he asked a lot of questions to make sure the work was done right and he worked with me throughout the entire process.

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