C4 Explodes Wall Into Multiple Parts?

So, I was interested in making a game based around being a SWAT member. It’s going to be a single player game. Now, the thing is I was wondering how I could create this effect where if you place C4, it will explode the wall into multiple pieces. An example is Entry Point:

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO - LEADS TO https://streamable.com

Now, in this clip the parts of the wall do not go all over the floor. Instead, it just disappears. A proper example of this would be MadCity.

I was wondering how I could do this effect?

(Note: I actually want pieces of the wall to project out the other way from the C4)

For the first question IDK for the second
use this in the explosion

explosion.Hit:Connect(function(part, distance) – this will detect any part that is within the explosion range

if part.ClassName == “Part” then – Finds things that r classified as “Part”
wait(5)-- Delay 5 secs - howmany uwant
part:Destroy() – Removes part

I want the parts to actually shoot out of the wall not just dissapear.

then add a for loop to the delay like fading the objects and then disappear

I mean the parts of the wall will actually shoot out of the wall, not fade nor disappear.

then idk about that :confused:

First you would create an explosion, then probably use instance.new to create the different parts, then you would put random velocity values into the part which will make the part slightly shoot out of the wall.

If you don’t know what velocity is then you might want to check out some tutorials or this?