[Cafe and Restaurant System] SmartOrders Pre-Orders are open!

Hello developers and group owners!

Basically, what this whole post is about SmartOrders Pre-Orders. SmartOrders is a cafe and restaurant system, designed for Cafe and Restaurant groups, but can also work in things like Hotel Cafes. The system is quite similar to @wind_o CheckMeIn, but it is for Cafe’s. More information can be read on this post: SmartOrders Information

It eliminates the needs for custom systems getting made, when you can just use ours! :slight_smile:

As my business partner and friend @sasial is getting good progress done on the scripting, we are opening up for Pre-Orders. SmartOrders normally costs 2000 for Standard and 4000 for Enterprise, but for the Pre-Orders, its only 1500 and 3500 respectively.

Interested in making a Pre-Order? PM me on the DevForum, and I will be able to get you setup.

Thank you,