Cafe Build Part 2 (of 3)

Cafe Build Part 2 (of 3) | Feedback

Greetings again!

Part 1

This is the second version of my café build. Surprisingly, this is taking way less time than I originally thought it would take. Nevertheless, I have more to showcase from it.

The new update includes: patio furniture, customer support help desk, reception desk, snack bar in kitchen area (in progress), minor structural changes, and overhead menus above the reception desk.


:hearts:s appreciated!


It’s cool, but why does customer support need 12 monitors?

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It’s actually eleven, haha.

But yeah, I’m not really sure why I put so many. If the client thinks I should take a few off, maybe I will.

This cafe looks great, there is more stuff to see! :grin:

Cool! But if your starting out don’t make it too big! Try adding small details like a wifi center!

I like this a good bit, but I think calming on the lighting and adding more shadow-depth. This looks very nice but shadows would make it even better!