Cafe Feedback (Shores Cafe)

Hey Guys I recently Finished a Cafe any feedback?



Looks nice, just to open in my opinion. add some more details to fill in space! otherwise it looks nice mate.


There’s not much to analyze from just one picture but from what I’m seeing looks really good!

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Decent start. All I’d say is use a PBR texture on the floor, and make it more full.




Is this cafe’s theme pink and white in terms of color?

The cafe is good, it’s like regular cafes with some concurrent players for now.

From what I got from this picture I see a cute little cafe with tons of open space. Maybe fill it with more seats or with decorations.

I think too many seats will look unprofessional. Although a little more seats may be better.

I love the overall idea. There are a few things you could add or fix. First of all, although some may disagree in my opinion, the lighting is a bit blurry. This could be because of a blur or sun ray effect. It think if so, tone it down just a tad. I love the colors, but its lacking detail. I recommend some of my favorite “fillers” such as plants, donation boards, carpets, couches, that kind of stuff. Otherwise great start! Can’t wait to see what you do next. :slight_smile: