Cafe playlist/music request system

I am currently making a Cafe game on Roblox as I thought it would be good practice for my scripting, So far I am waiting for the builder to finish, so while he has been building I have made some of the systems this includes The Music System Feedback would be appreciated (Not looking for GUI feedback lol, that’s not my kinda thing) Thanks!

I like that you have a visualizer in the frame itself, I do have some thing that could make it better.


I know this isn’t that big of an issue, but I do think it’ll help if you fixed the positioning of the frame.

Overlapping Frames

I definitely can tell these frames are overlapping, so I would just fix that to make it cleaner.


I think that the sizes of the UI’s themselves are somewhat too big as they take up a lot of space. Just consider to shrink them down a bit.


I would suggest that you choose a different color for the border and the X button, maybe have them lighter so it really pops.


I think that it’s good, just maybe fix what I suggested and you will be all good. I know you probably don’t want to redesign the whole UI, but it does seem very blocky and plain. Good work, keep at it. :+1:

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Thank you very much for the feedback, it’s very appreciated!

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