Cafe/Restaurant Pick-Up/Ordering Stations

Can somebody tell me what’s the main tip to make these pick-up/ordering stations?
I have seen them in some restaurants, where you order and the worker uses the monitor to place your order. And after they make your food, I think after clicking a GUI button it goes into the pickup station, and only the person it’s made for can take it.

Edit: If somebody finds a tutorial for what I need please link it.


Just use a clickdetector and when you click a gui pops out and adds some blur for a effect and make it that it needs to find a player that matches the player’s name that you’ve wan’t to give the owner, but this is just a basic idea.

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You can make a GUI where you can select anything the client wants, for example assign an ID to every item, then after selection you send these IDs to the Pick-Up station system, it decodes the information from the ID list you have just sent them. So for example you selected:

[ID] - Product
[1] - Pizza
[3] - with extra sauce
[55] - juice

this will be sent to the station as {1, 3, 55}, then it will be converted back to the human readable form:
“Pizza + with extra sauce + juice” or using images. A person it is assigned to can be selected randomly.

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If you find a tutorial please link it, I’ve seen this system in many restaurants/cafes, but cannot find a tutorial.

I thought it won’t be a problem for someone who can script anything as your profile description says.

I don’t think there’s a tutorial on doing that. You can try doing that and if you encounter any problems you can look for help on the devforum.

You can start with making a GUI, a module script with all items and IDs assigned to them, then script the GUI so that it allows you to select and send the products to that Pick-Up station using bindable events.