Cage Mesh Deformer - Studio Beta

Will the properties of WrapTarget and WrapLayer continue to have script write access restricted after release? I’d like to manipulate these values ingame for realtime effects

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Generally mesh properties (including MeshPart.MeshId) are restricted for a good reason: Expensive information about the mesh’s use in context is pre-computed and saved when set, which would make those properties problematic to set in a real-time context anyways.


I’m also encountering some weird issues with beta enabled. When using weld, the problems described above occurs where it uses weld’s c0 and c1 property instead of the origin set in Blender.
Moreover, when I use WeldConstraint, I get this rather horrendous result:

Heres what it looks like without the beta enabled:


Wow, I honestly can barely tell what I’m looking at, I’m not sure if I should be impressed or concerned.

One thing that I can’t quite figure out though, does this serve to make objects, uh, “bendy” if you will? If it’s just pre-set deformations I can’t really see the value of not just pre-making the crushed versions of things in Blender or whatever other 3d modelling program of choice ahead of time.

Definitely could’ve phrased this better if it wasn’t so late at night in this time zone.

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Is there any sort of timeline to the release of this feature? We’re not actually using it directly, but enabling the beta feature seems to fix other issues we’ve had with mesh deformation. I’m assuming that whatever bug we’ve been encountering was fixed in the core code of this feature, but isn’t live in experiences yet.

@Yuuwa0519, do you have an example scene we can look at?

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After playing around for a while, I found out that the problem was on my end where I didn’t set the cframe / position of the skinned mesh to the root part with bones parented before setting p0 and p1 of weldconstraint, which resulted in this visual glitch.
I do, however, hope that this behaviour will be differed / rolled back because I would rather not go through a process of finding perfect cframe so the clothing and object meshes are in correct position, in favour of utilizing the position property set within 3d software like blender.

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Finally got something working with the rig given to us, I hope to understand this feature a bit more so I can optimize my characters for it as I 100% plan on using it :slight_smile:


It seems I haven’t fully gotten a decent understanding on how to do the OuterCage



Compared to


What method would you recommend for doing the OuterCage as It seems using the Proportional Editing with grabbing and rescaling the top of the head doesn’t work too well for me :eyes: @NeoBuilder101



I discovered an inconsistency in how skinned meshes are behaving in this beta.

Without Beta Enabled

With Beta Enabled

It appears the size of the MeshPart now has some effect on how the mesh is skinned, where-as before it would retain the same structure regardless of size.

If needed I can provide a direct repro, though I’d prefer to send it in private since this particular asset is part of an unreleased update for our game. Hopefully this is enough information to create a repro though.


why adding cage mesh deformer when there is so many important features like vertex editing, better animation editor etc.

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This feature is going to be the key feature to Layered Clothing. If you also look at gta they have a similar system so you can stack clothing on top of each other and the vertices below won’t display. That’s to help with performance. That’s also something us as a development simple just can’t do. I’m glad this update is coming out to improve the quality of the platform for the community and developers.


What exactly do you mean by vertex editing?

vertex editing is super useful tool when editing meshes or making meshes in studio.


So like Blender’s edit mode. Wouldn’t this be somewhat complex for roblox? Is it actually on their roadmap or a suggestion?

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Vertex editing isn’t important… Jesus, so many people on this thread just complain about so many unrealistic things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

i just said it for example they still didnt release avatar evolution after 2 years, im not saying its a bad update i was just saying they couldve made better features than cage mesh deformer that doesnt even work on skinned mesh characters.

There’s a bug that crashes studio when putting on layered clothing at the moment : Putting layered clothing on certain packages causes consistent crash

This would be incredibly cool if you had lightsabers in roblox and you could do this to other people