Calling a module from a module with server

If you have a Module and you want to call it from a replicated storage module the Module you are calling must be accessible for the client, so if you just confirm that you call from the server there will be no problems

, but if I call also a client side module from a server and want to call another module from that module without exploitation problems how would I go about that?
Does something like isserver affect both modules or what should I do?

Can you explain what your system is?

I’m also a bit confused. Requiring the same module from a server script versus a local script means that one has a server security level and one has a local security level. The client won’t be able to exploit any code on the server side even if it’s in a module that’s also used by the server. The client will not have the same powers as the server. Everything the client does to exploit your system using this module script that they required on their client will not replicate to other players or the server.

The only way a client can exploit your system is if you use RemoteEvents and fail to do proper sanity checks.

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Simple answer is no, those modules are in separate RAM memories.
Unless you are using some kind of remotes you can’t do that.

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