Calling all Clothing Designers!

Calling all Clothing Designers!!

Looking for Roblox Clothing Designers who want to be featured in a new series that showcases different designers and their talents each week.

Project information

  • 8-15 minute videos showcasing your favorite tips and tricks or speed painting your designs.
  • All you need is a screen recording software and if you’re wanting your voice in the vid, a good mic
  • Video editing and Graphics will be taken care of by our team
  • All styles and designs are welcome ( as long as they are PG )
  • We’ll work with you to create your perfect End Screen with the contact information you choose so your new fans can check out your work!

If you have a dream video in mind that doesn’t fit in with speed painting or tips and tricks, our team is always open to brainstorming and working with your ideas!

If you have any questions or want to be featured you can contact me on Discord: CoffeeNerd2.0#4893 or Twitter: @CoffeeNerd2_0

We are very excited to be opening up a new outlet for you to share your tips and tricks and grow your community!


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