Calling GetSortedAsync with wrong pageSize should have limits reported in the error message


When attempting to call GetSortedAsync on an OrderedDataStore, and you pass a value for pageSize that is out of the range of 1-100 (or whatever the range may be at the time of reading), the error message should specify what the actual range of the pageSize variable is in the output for convenience.

All other datastore API currently do report the limits in the output (data size limit, key limit, name limit, scope limit, … are all reported in output if input parameters aren’t valid). This change would make the error reporting more consistent with the rest of the datastore API.

Observed error:

106: PageSize must be with in a predefined range

Desired error:

106: PageSize must be between 1 and 100 inclusive

(or whatever the range may be at the time of reading, the error message should be dynamic in that regard)

Wrong error message when calling GetSortedAsync with a pageSize of 0