Cambridge County, State of Palmdale

Hi there fellow developers , the State of Palmdale is looking to hire experienced builders on making an eye stunning city organized with unique skyscrapers, buildings, and offices. The State of Palmdale is a roleplay group hoping to make a successful county game. You’ll be working alongside 2 builders, 1 scripter, and 1 clothing designer.

-Must have 1 or more years of experience
-Must show past works when applying (no fms)
-Must have average English communication skills.
-Must be familiar with modern builds.

Payment will depend on your completed builds and how suitable it is for the game. Currently, we have a starting developer budget of 4000 Robux from game revenue, and throughout the development and in the scenario, the game doesn’t work out I can pay from USD and Robux.

If interested send a friend request to KingsFinest#6520 on discord.

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Hi, I am interested, I can make a city for you.


I am 17 years old and I have almost 7 years of developing experience. I am a Programmer, animator, 3D modeler, builder, etc. I can take this job and get it done fast. I have sent you a friend request on discord, I am Nv#2008. I hope to be talking with you soon!

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