Camera aint going onto first person

Hello devs! Was experimenting with bones and because of bad they made had to edit some stuff.

So I added camera part and positioning it on runservice onto bone worldcframe, everything is working well expect for first person.

That’s the limit of zoom meanwhile it should fully zoom in and make objects transparent, but it wont.
(the red block is camera part)

Anyone know how to fix zoom issue?

Roblox’s camera has some rather goofy controls. This “offset” is even apparent in Studio itself. Try nudging the camera’s CFrame’s Z axis by 0.5.

what Z axis exactly? camera.Focus or

By the way, player’s character is set onto that custom model too.

The CFrame of the camera itself. If you have a custom camera controller, that’s all right. However, if you are using the default, it may be tougher to deal with.

yeah im using roblox’s camera right now, plus I cant edit X,Y,Z because there vectors are being changed on loop because camera is being focused on the part

I have had this issue before, for me the issue was that I had a part that had the same parent as the camera and the part was blocking the view.

I mean how I made it, a character (legs etc) and inside of character i’ve puttem 1x1x1 size part (camera part) and a big mesh part inside too, do I just have to change parent of these or?