Camera deletes every time I play test?

So basically I have a camera thats in the workspace. Every time I start testing it deletes.

I’ve tried changing the name, It still deletes.
It has no scripts in it, and its still deleting.

I have no idea why but doesn any one know?

Im using this Camera for a ViewportFrame BTW.


Do you have any Plugins that might be interfering with the Camera?

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Make sure its anchored. I’ve had problems in the past by forgetting that.

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Anchored is not an value in camera. So how do I anchor it?

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oh, I assumed you were using a camera object. Are you sure the camera is parented to a valid object?

Its parented to the workspace. Should I put it some where else

I’ve experienced this pitfall working with ViewportFrame as well so I’m able to tell you the unfortunate truth here:

The Camera is an instance that is never replicated across the server-client boundary and due to this the CurrentCamera property of a ViewportFrame is also not replicated. Your only option is to create a Camera and set the CurrentCamera property of a ViewportFrame at runtime using a LocalScript (It’s clearly stated in the documentation, although this location seems slightly buried (see it here) leading to the common pitfall). Note this is assuming you want to manipulate the Camera in someway at runtime (ex. rotating, zooming in/out, repositioning for rendered model size). If you’re designing a UI where the ViewportFrame is always static then there actaully isn’t a need for the CurrentCamera property to ever be set on the client.