Camera is stuttery when in first person

Hi there!

This should probably be in one of the bug report categories but I’m not allowed to post there so i’m putting it here. Also to note is that I’ve tried this on completely new games with no added code from me in there and it’s still stuttered.
(yes this is a reuploaded topic, I got nothing on my last attempt so I will try again)

I am pretty sure this is a Roblox issue rather than an issue with my PC, as nothing changes when I lower graphics or change lighting stuff. This is also something that occurs both in Studio and in the Roblox player.

So pretty much whenever I walk and move at the same time, the camera will stutter slightly. It’s not unusable but it does look bad. (I would put a video but Devforum doesn’t want to allow the video I’ve recorded for whatever reason) I’ve tried solutions like changing my mouse polling rate and it still happens. It does not happen when I use arrow keys though.

This has had me confused for a week or so and I still have no solution so I thought I might as well try my luck

Any help is appreciated