Camera locked in place

I am trying to have my camera fixed correctly.

If anyone can help…

I would recommend displaying more information if you want to find a fix.
What have you done to try and fix this?
When does this occur.

Okay, so when I try to load into a game the camera is in a locked position and cannot be maneuvered. I’ve tried to play around with the camera settings in studio, nothing has seemed to work, this hasn’t ever happened to me.

Is there any scripts that change anything in the camera?

Do Ctrl+Shift+F and search for CameraType or CameraSubject.

Also check if your CameraType property is set to custom or not.


Yes the camera is set to custom.

It does say you set CameraType to “cameraType” which you have as “local cameraType” this would make it NIL so this may be the error, try changing the code to “local cameraType = Enum.CameraType.Custom”.

Let me know if this works!

Thank you so much, this was a whole bunch of help.

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