Camera not changing?

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    I have a line of code, but it will not move the player’s camera.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    It doesn’t work.


cam.CameraSubject =, workspace.FocusPart.Position)
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cam.CameraSubject is an ObjectValue. A CFrame isn’t an object. I think you meant to type cam.CFrame =, workspace.FocusPart.Position)

It doesn’t seem to be working. The line is in a script in StarterCharacterScripts, is that correct?

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Ok, so a LocalScript inside of StarterGui, or StarterCharacterScripts is okay. Make it say this though:

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera
cam.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
cam.CFrame = workspace.part name.CFrame

Hope this helps!

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It works, I forgot to change the camera type!

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Yeah, I was about to put a comment by that line saying “important” but I thought you might think that having a comment would be critical to the script working.

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