Camera not Where it Should Be

I was trying to make a cool space camera effect when I noticed one of the “Stars” was actually my avatar. I noticed this when I reset my character to check if I disabled it when I saw something fall into the dark abyss of space. Turns out it was myself.

That’s really weird because I remember putting the SpawnLocation above the camera positioning parts to hide it. Here’s a picture of my layout:
The big part is the SpawnLocation, and the two smaller parts are the camera positioning and orientating parts.

Why could I see myself when I hid the SpawnLocation? Let me know if you need a script sample.


We can’t help you if you don’t provide the code you are using.

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The way the camera is facing is the front of the brick, be sure to check where the front surface is.


Here’s the script line for the camera positioning:

workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame =, workspace.PointTo.Position)