Camera saturation change on health

I’m trying to make the camera saturation change on health but putting the colorcorrection saturation value in the camera to either negative or posotive seems to just turn up the saturation, and im trying to make the saturation value depend on the human health in the case that, on full health, the saturation is the normal value (im assuming zero?) and on 0 health the saturation value is -100 to reduce the saturation of the camera significantly, or a percentage maybe to tweak the effect, but I’m not sure how to do this.

this is what im trying to go for

EDIT: I found -1 and +1 seems to change saturation, but im still not sure how to implement this to player health.

This might help:

On top of what Phoenix said, you could just divide the health to get it in a range from 0-1.

local Saturation = Health / 100

Looks good, ill give it a go, thanks.

That seems to work but it starts with saturation on 1 / +1 so i will - it by 1
edit: nevermind, i dont know why i expected that to work, not sure what to do now.