Camera setting to the player during transitions

Setting it to true would override any other tweens, so I’m pretty sure that’s the issue. If the feedback helped would you mind marking it as a solution? Thank you!

So it wouldn’t override any part, or UI tweens, right?

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Setting it to true would override all other tweens, meaning that the other tweens would stop. That’s why you should set that argument of GUI tween to false so that other tweens (camera tween) wouldn’t be overriden.

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For example, if I made this:

local randomtest = TweenService:Create(blah, tweeninfo, {ImageTransparency = 0} )

Would it auto as false?

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Yep. This tween would automatically be false

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Thanks for your help! Everything works fine now!
Would it override part tweens though? For example, if I was tweening a part to move, and the camera animation ran, would the part tween stop?

Also, could the tween from the LocalScript override a tween on a ServerScript?

Sorry about all the questions, I just want to make sure it won’t mess anything else up in my game, or things that I might make in the future.

For your first question, no. Both tweens would continue.

For the second question, do you mean tweening the same part on the LocalScript and Server script, or different parts?

If I tweened the camera on a LocalScript, but something else on a ServerScript, and the camera tween’s override parameter was true, then would it override the tween on the ServerScript?

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It would override that tween for the LocalPlayer. However, for everybody else in the server (including the server itself) no change will occur. That’s because, in a LocalScript, only the LocalPlayer can see the changes made by their localscript.

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If you have any more questions just ask them here, got to go sleep, but I’ll read them and respond when I wake up… good luck on your game :slight_smile:

I have no questions, but thank you so much for your help!