Camera Window - Surface Gui - Scripting Help

Hi, ok, so, for the sake of my games performance, I am using teleporting for the interiors of buildings and would really like windows looking into the outside. I plan to use surface gui’s and make use them as a security camera. BUT! It probably won’t act like a window, more a screen (the hidden camera needs to rotate based on the players camera position. I can probs code that but we’ll see. may need help.


I don’t want to use viewport frames to create a copy of the workspace, blah blah blah as I’d like to see the lights and stuff from out the window. And also for the sake of my ever so slowly declining game’s performance ;-;

Unfortunately, I have wanted to do the same thing. However, it’s not possible without copying everything outside into a viewport frame.
An alternative is to have them focus on the window, and then you can teleport their camera to the actual outside and let them look around.

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