Camera.CameraType Not Working

I am trying to make a simple script that detects when you spawn, changes the character position to a platform, then changes camera position so that you can see the character, and then allows you to customise it. (The code also changes the camera and character position every time they respawn).
Then when you click a play button, the character gets teleported to an island in the game, and the camera goes back to the player.

my issue is:
It works perfectly the first time, but the second time i try it (after respawning) the character gets teleported to the platform just fine, the camera changes position fine, when i click play the character moves to the island perfectly, but then the camera doesnt work properly. I checked that the camera.CameraType was set to Enum.CameraType.Custom and it was! I am still confused at why it is being set fine but it doesnt work??

I have looked all over the developer forum, tried many things, but none of them seem to work. Help would be greatly appreciated! Here is a video explaining the problem. Roblox thing not working - YouTube

What you can do, is showing the script to us so that we can help more efficiently. Not that I’m going to help fix this issue, but I’m just saying this for the others who want to help.

fixed it by setting the Camera.CameraSubject to the player’s humanoid.

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