CameraMode not working

Solved: To change the Camera Mode to Set by Developer, u need to Run the Game on Studio, copy PlayerModule, close Game and go inside CameraModule inside PlayerModule. On Line 108 make – on the script u dont want to be selected, otherwise the CameraMode cant be on Set by Developer sometimes, for anyone who also have this problem:

	local PlayerScripts = Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerScripts")



Nothing is working, does somebody know how to change the CameraMode to Set by Developer?

Screenshot (995)
Screenshot (996)

Its working on Roblox Studio but not on Roblox Player.

Can you show me your script? (Try making it a local script to)

Run a loop then change the CameraMode.

I tried localscript and serverscript, both, but they dont work

Read above me