CameraOffset goes automatically to normal when it's changed

So hi, in the last week I’ve been working on a first person game and I’m pretty happy with the results for now. But now I’m stuck on something. I want to add the possibility to slide in my game, the sliding works fine, but whenever I try to change the CameraOffset (so it makes it look like I’m actually sliding) the CameraOffset resets to normal (0,0,0).

Here is a vid so you can see more clearly:

Big Thank You to anyone that can help me resolve this problem.

Is there a script interfering with the CameraOffset?

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You might have to change the camera mode. Sometimes when the camera mode is on the default setting, you are not able to change much without the game changing it back.
If you set the CameraType to Enum.CameraType.Scriptable, you could have the camera’s focus part be on the character and change the offset by script.
If you are really that worried about it, just store some temporary data on the player telling you if you have done them or not and delete it after a second or two.

Yes, thank you, there was a script that was interfering. I fixed it. Thank you again.

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I tried that but in the end it wasn’t the problem. Thanks for trying to help anyways.

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