Camera:TweenRoll() (or addition to :Interpolate())

Basically all this idea is, is making it so you can very smoothly roll the camera rather than making a manual function (these always aren’t the nicest and you can still tell that it isn’t as smooth as Camera:Interpolate() would be)

It could either be:
a) A new function all together.
Camera:TweenRoll(float EndRoll, float Duration, bool Override) – the override is like the last bool when tweening a gui, to override if there is already currently a “TweenRoll” happening and hasn’t finished

b) Adding it onto Camera:Interpolate()
Camera:Interpolate(CoordinateFrame endPos, CoordinateFrame endFocus, Float duration, float endRoll)

You know, CFrames already have roll in it? So asking for Camera CoordinateFrames to use actual CFrames would be better?

It doesn’t currently exist, but yeah I guess I could have said that as well.