Camp Rack Feedback

Hello, I’ve been developing a game called “Camp Rack”



Military Police And Special Forces:

More coming soon!

Needing feedback

dont make houses just squared

Yeah, I agree with you - it should have more dimensions, because in reality no house on our planet is like that, and would improve the overall look of the HQ.

If I was you, I would go to google, and search up building designs, pick one you like it - and using that reference picture to make something better; and make sure sure you don’t rush and do everything in-mind.

Also, I would probably make the pavement a whitish, greyish colour and make a actual road so there’s two lanes, assuming there will be cars available to be driven to the HQ.

Also, what exactly are the blue glowing pads at the front of the building?

It’s a force field around the Training Pads

that isnt what im talking about
your hq is just a red square

I made it better, don’t worry. THIS is only the start of development.