Cam's Pool Hotel Rules

Welcome to Cam’s Resort!

In this roleplay game, created by Cam’s Pool Hotel and its developers, you can get a room go to a water park and/or eat food, enjoy your stay here, make new friends, meet new people, and much more!

This topic details the rules present while playing at the Resort, as well as each respective punishment for breaking said rules.

Note that we do not refund for action taken based on rule breaking . Make sure that you play safe and don’t break the rules to avoid action being taken.


1. Do not break the Roblox ToS - Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service. It has a lot of rules that apply to all games throughout roblox.
2. Follow the Roblox Community Rules - These are also to be followed in every game in Roblox.
3. Do not exploit - Exploiting will result in a permanent ban. Simply put, don’t do it.
4. Be tolerative - Tolerate other people: their religion, race, orientation, etc.
5. Do not spam - You will be kicked instantly. It is where you say the same thing 3 times. Don’t spam. This includes talking nonsense or long sentences of randomness.
6. The moderator’s decision is final - Do not go at a moderator for their decision. If you feel like your punishment is unjust, discuss it with other members of our staff team (HR’s and above) in our official server.
7. Do not use caps lock. - Just don’t.
8. Don’t random kick (RK) / random ban (RB) - Random kicking is the act of kicking someone for no reason at all or just because you want to. We allow kicking people for max warnings, but only under the condition that they have max warnings.: 1. Exploiting (report them), 2. Also RKing/RBing (also report them).
9. Do not advertise or perform transactions outside of the game - If someone tells you to buy an item in exchange for something in the Hotel, when said product/item is not in the game itself / on the game’s store page, chances are it’s a scam. Be aware.
10. Do not abuse the :m command - Announcements are for things that apply to the entirety or the majority of the site. If you’d like to say something but it is not important, just use the :h command.
11. Do not abuse the handcuff tool - Do not randomly cuff people to “Bash them into a wall”, or other things that might break the rules or influence the game.
12. Do not abuse admin


Moderators are people who are Middle Ranks and up.

If someone says they’re a moderator but don’t exhibit those, they’re not a moderator.

Moderators are individuals either handpicked by SHRS or they bought a rank.

Buying a rank doesn’t mean you can’t lose the rank.

You may find them in our official server, or in-game.


Make sure you follow all of the rules that are in this topic. It is very important that you do so.

If you spot anyone breaking these, record it and send it to a moderator! If you don’t, you’re letting said individual continue breaking the rules in more servers.

Now, have some fun. See you in Cam’s Pool Hotel
- The Co-Founders