Can a client change the parent of a character?

Hi. I was wondering if an exploiter can change the parent of their character?

I think so, as they have network ownership over their character.
Most exploiters won’t do this, as there is no reason to change their character’s parent. Its not something you should worry about.

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Well. I have a system that’s kinda based on the parenting of a character. So I should probably change that? Or is there any way to see that I have that type of system?

You could always check the Parent of their character before doing anything. They could probably see it as exploiters can see bytecode, but nothing on the server that they can see

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Network ownership only replicates physics changes, so the client can change the parent locally, but it won’t replicate to the server. You don’t need to check the parent first as long as you’re doing whatever it is on the server.

@Raretendoblox Bytecode has literally nothing to do with anything here, so I’m not sure why you brought it up. The parent of the character is not stored as bytecode, bytecode is used to describe the format of LocalScripts and ModuleScripts when they are sent to the client before being run.


So if I change the parent of the character server sided and then I check on the server if the character is in the folder, and everything is server sided then there is no risk?

Yes, they won’t be able to change what the server sees. That would be safe.