Can a remote event be fired by two clients at the same time instant?

Hey! Sorry if I do something wrong because I don’t post questions that often.

So, I made a script where a client clicks a GUI button and fires an event. Then a script in the “ServerScriptService” makes a part transparent.

I just wanted to know if two players press their respective buttons at the same time instant, will my script actually work? If not, what should I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance for your interest and help.

Yes, it creates a separate thread for each click(meaning that they run separately).

The second click, however, wouldn’t do anything(the code will still run, but since the part is already transparent, the code doesn’t change anything).

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Yes, your script will work. Nothing for the second event will happen because the part is already transparent because of the first event.

Thank you for helping me :smiley:

Thanks for helping me out! Appreciate it!

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