Can a script be slower than itself?


What I want to know is basically if the output will ever print “false”:


workspace.BoolValue.Value = true
workspace.BoolValue2.Value = true

Does the event fire later if there is a lot of lag in the game? Is this possible?

yes, everytimr you use this code it will print true then false, even if the game is laggy.

So it’s not possible at all that the code prints “false”, right?

this script will print the value everytime it changes, in your script you set the value to true so it is changed, it will print true, then you set it to false, this means the value changed again, it will print false.

i checked your script again, you have a boolValue1 and BoolValue2, i saw it new, sorry for bad response.


what did it print when you try this code ?

I didn’t “try” it, I just wanted to know if the script can be lower than itself if there is extreme lag

nope it will not.

Well that’s good news, thanks

no problem
have a good day

You should have just tested the snippet, it outputs ‘false’ (as the assignment occurs after the event/signal is fired).

local Workspace = workspace
local Value = Workspace.Value --Both false initially.
local Value2 = Workspace.Value2

local function OnChanged()
	print(Value2.Value) --false

Value.Value = true
Value2.Value = true
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yes, like i said.

I would already know that “false” wouldn’t print, but I had no idea if that would be true when the server lags. I couldn’t “lag” myself