Can a 'Tool' instance do server-sided operations for everyone?

So, my goal is to make a tool which, when activated (probably by a click), creates several camera points (depending on the position of the character) and a RemoteEvent which would then tween the camera for everyone in the server.

I know how to create this, but the question remains - is this possible?

It’s definitely possible.

You could use the :FireAllClients() method of a RemoteEvent to pass the camera point information to each client in the game, then you can run your camera manipulation from each client using the .OnClientEvent event of RemoteEvent.

A bit confused by your post though.

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What I’m trying to achieve is this:

  • Person mouseclicks while holding a tool
  • Several parts get created in Workspace that would serve as camera angles (depending on the position of the character)
  • A RemoteEvent is created in Workspace as well
  • A RemoteEvent is fired on all clients

It’s meant to serve as quick installation which would work with any angles, not for longterm use with a single position.

If you understood the post similarly like me, I’ll give it a go!

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