Can anyone help me with this building issue?

Hiya developers!

I may sound stupid here but can you please help me fix this small issue.
One side of the road is flat to the Intersection, while the other side of the road seems to be floating?
And if i move it downwards, it then becomes unequal to the Spawn area?

Please help, thanks!


Try using this plugin.

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Thanks alot, ill give this a shot now.

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Did it work? Make sure to press on ‘solution’ if it has worked

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Sadly, that didn’t resolve the issue.

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Duplicate the road piece and only move it on red and blue Axis

If they are large Parts make sure that both have the Orientation set to 0,0,0.
Roblox rounds values and sometimes they change a bit depending on how you created the Part.
0.004 degrees will round to 0 degrees.
-.004 degrees rounds to -0 degrees.