Can anyone help me with this script?

Hiya Developers!

I have a RemoteEvent called “Event”, is there anyway using a button you can mute the RemoteEvent called “Event” client side?

As i have a Radio pass in my game, and im not to sure how i would code it to stop playing for just the player that turned off a setting like “Mute Radios”?

Any help would be apricated, thanks.

Just stop the audio in a LocalScript as Roblox’s LocalScripts will only work for the client and won’t effect the server.

Just create a variable that contains a boolean tellingwhether or not you wanna do anything when the event fires, if not then return nil.


What I would do is what @ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked said. Make some type of variable. You would then just need to stop the music playing via the client side of the user and just make it so when a user plays music it does not do it on the user.