Can BodyMovers be used on welded parts?

The title is pretty self explanatory, can you use BodyMovers on welded parts? Is it not possible? Or is there another alternative?

Edit for clarification: I’m trying to move a singular part on a fully welded, unanchored object with multiple other parts.

Only if the whole thing is unanchored.

Well, in my case, the item I want to use it on is all welded together and unanchored, also, I should’ve clarified, I meant this by using it on an individual part which is welded to another.

Since its all welded together and unanchored it will work.

you can always try it in studio

On an individual part…

Lemme explain. There are 5 parts (1,2,3,4,5). Each part is welded to the primary (1).

What if I wanted to use a BodyMover on 4, and not move the others? The last time I personally tried, it moved every single part, which is not what I wanted…

Then you must un-weld Part4 to move it there is no other way.