Can Exploiters see a code that is in startercharacter (server script)

The title says it all. I am trying to make a XP code but I have a question before I start I want to use startercharacter as the parent of the code because that’s where the leaderstats are. But I have a question can expoiters see codes that are in startercharaxter?


I think they can if its a local script.

If it’s a local script or module script yes.

If its a server script it wouldn’t matter if they could see it or not because the script would not run in that folder and so you’d essentially be giving away free looks at your structure and code if they could see it (which they can’t).

That being said, they will not be able to see the code within it as the source code won’t be stored on the client itself but instead fetched from the server - therefore they can’t see it unless you leave filtering enabled off. (if that makes any sense, trying to simplify it)


I don’t think filtering enabled can be turned off…

Roblox forces FE on the game even if you have turned it off.
Probably because FE is not something everyone remembers to turn on after turning it off…


By default, FilteringEnabled is turned on but you can turn it off through the properties of workspace.

Its kept around as a useful feature for new developers who don’t understand how to use the client-server model yet.

Even if you turn it off it Roblox opens it automatically (I think).

No, you can turn it off.

If you do however turn it off, Roblox brings up the experimental mode message.

I do believe you can disable FilteringEnabled under the Workspace property.

Just to add on, it never will be since the source code is compiled into bytecode (later possible to be decompiled back from object code into source) on the client, a less simplified reason for why server-scripts’ contents aren’t visible to clients is because their bytecode isn’t replicated to clients, the code is in no way tied to the script object.

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