Can, for I,v in pairs be used in a LocalScript?

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. I want to learn to know if you can use ,
for i,v in pairs() do

In a LocalScript

  1. I have not looked for solutions yet.

Yup, you can use them in any script.

Ok I hope. I will test it in a min.

But, can you use for for i,v in pairs() do
twice in one script?

Yes you can do it an infinite amount of times in either kind of script.

And with any amount of variables right?

You may put an infinite amount of variables within a for i,v in pairs loop, yes.

ok! thanks for helping! it really helps.

There is a max limit of 200 local variables. And it is not called a “for i,v in pairs loop”, but rather “generic for” loop

Lol. Thats too much variables that someone will use XD

But who’s using 200 variables lmao. I say infinite because MAX i’ve used is 40-50.

DAMN BRO! For what!? I’m curious

Games systems. I usually have a “main” script.

Can you send the script to me? Im curious bc I wanna see it.