Can games with inappropriate without context animations get banned?

Hello there! I am asking this to know if a game idea is possible.

The animations in question would be grapples/holds in fighting that could be used for self defense, however some may look inappropriate without the context behind it.

To explain it in simple terms, the player is on the ground and locks his legs around another player’s head/neck who is likely sitting or crouching, then grabs their arm and pulls on it to effectively break it. Could this be considered inappropriate?


The Roblox Community Rules state that:

You should encourage the proper use of your game or experience and never directly or indirectly encourage inappropriate behavior. For example, experiences within a game should not have an inappropriate theme (sleepover/slumber parties), contain nude or partially clothed characters, or display suggestive animations.

While your animation isn’t supposed to be suggestive, your concern that it could come off that way is likely real. If I were you, I would change the animation, just to play it safe.