Can hackers change their name in RemoteEvents?

Greetings devs,

I’m wanting to make an admin panel that only certain people can use, and I need know if hackers can change their name / UserID in a RemoteEvent, as that will be what let certain players use the panel or not.


Try this if you have GUI for Admin Panel:

script.Parent.Mouse1Press:Connect(function() -- Button
       game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Name = "CHANGE NAME" -- ChangeName

-- This is for only Local so only you will see it

if you want to do that in the console then use this command (To open the console press F9 and select Log and press Server):

game.Workspace.YOUUSERNAME.Name = "CHANGE NAME"
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Exploiters can’t change the first parameter of a RemoteEvent.


This only changes the name of the player. The person that made this topic is asking if exploiters are able to change their userid when firing a remote event.

Yes, when I post it I saw that.

Local Script

script.Parent.Mouse1Press:Connect(function() -- Button
       EVENT:FireServer("CHANGE NAME")

Server Script

EVENT.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, name")
       player.Name = name

it’s :FireServer, not :FireToServer :sweat_smile:

They are asking if exploiters can do this through the client.

Exploiters cannot change the first argument given automatically with .OnServerEvent.


Oh, I forgot which is right :sweat_smile:.

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Sorry for not replying faster, I can get the UserID from the player’s name parameter.
Which all the replies say can’t be changed, so thanks for the info everyone :slight_smile:

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UserID can’t be changed. Only name, character, and some other things.
Cheaters can have the same name, and character but not UserID.

UserId is a property that is meant for read only, there is no need for any game to set UserId at all, so only Roblox can write to the property.

The Name property being changed would not replicate across client-server boundary, identify the player by UserId instead of name regardless.

No player can spoof themselves as another player to remotes either, it is impossible. You are safe.

An exploiter cannot change any property under their Player instance which neither the server can’t change.

I also don’t know why you’ve posted code that can’t even run on this thread.


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They’re changing the name of the player’s character model although this is discouraged as other scripts, i.e; core scripts may rely on a player’s character’s name matching the player’s name.