Can I add this to a potential Halloween update?

Hey there developers, Farmboy014 here. I was wondering if I could do this in my game. Would it be within Roblox’s ToS/Community Standards? to create a murder mystery hunt? What I mean by this, is like can I make it so that players will have to solve the murder mystery of a random person(NPC) in my game? The main concern for me is, am I able to add Blood, Bones, and corpses(Dead NPC’s) to my game? Can I also add bodies with removed heads Of course I would add a warning GUI like "This game is for age 13+ " when needed.

Hm, I don’t really think it would be against Roblox’s TOS, but I’m not sure about the blood part, probably add barley any blood or just make green ooz or something. But overall I really think it would not be against it.

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Thats nothing, your fine. jffdfd

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