Can I avoid using a while loop?

If I wanted to add a selection box over whatever part the player’s mouse is over, am I stuck to a while loop using mouse.Hit or is there a cheaper way to do so?

.MouseEnter fires whenever the mouse enters and hovers over a gui

How would I encapsulate the part in a GUI

wait I think I misinterpreted the question, if you meant when the mouse go over a workspace part then I think you can just use Mouse.Hit.Changed instead of using a while loop

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well what if there was a map with lots of different parts, wouldn’t that make it fire constantly, are there any optimizations?

it’s not as bad as a while loop tho

Just did some research on Mouse (havn’t really used it in depth since its kinda deprecated) but I think you can use Mouse.Target and Mouse.TargetFilter to further improve performance.

You could do something like this

local RunService = game:GetService'RunService'
local Players = game:GetService'Players'

local Mouse = Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()

local SelectionBox ="SelectionBox", workspace)

local LastTarget
	local CurrentTarget = Mouse.Target
	if LastTarget ~= CurrentTarget then
		LastTarget = CurrentTarget
		SelectionBox.Adornee = CurrentTarget

Also I’m not sure what Mouse.Hit.Changed is since Hit is just the CFrame where the mouse is currently pointing to and CFrame doesn’t have a Changed event

I’m curious to the difference between run service and while loop. I haven’t looked too far into it but doesn’t RunService.Heartbeat just run every frame?

But you can get the vector3 position and do .Changed on that. Heartbeat runs every frame so it is even more expensive than a while loop

yes it does

If you want a SelectionBox on each part you hover on you can use Mouse.Move.

Heartbeat runs every frame and a while loop runs while a condition is true. You’re still going to need some sort of yield inside of the while loop if you want to constantly check what part the mouse is hovering over, or else the script is gonna crash.

Also, I don’t recommend using Mouse.Move because if you have moving parts inside your game and the mouse doesn’t move, then the selection box won’t be updated

actually yea what does he mean by mouse.Hit.Changed?