Can I devex again after being banned for bullying!

I’ve devex’d like 4 times before, but recently I just got banned for 3 days for bullying and harassment. I am freaking out because I am scared I won’t be able to devex again. Please someone tell me if they’ll decline my next devex because of this 3 day bullying ban.


Somebody please help !! Abcdefghijklmnop.


Do not worry. Light offences are unlikely to have you blacklisted from DevEx. Consider stopping bullying.


Devex requests are handled on a case by case basis.
We can’t tell you if it’ll be accepted. You just have to try and see.


May have to explain yourself if you are rejected using devex support tickets, support should be pretty understanding for minor stuff.


Review these advices:

  1. Review Roblox’s Terms of Service: Make sure you understand the platform’s rules and guidelines, especially those related to bullying and harassment. Ensure you follow these rules moving forward.
  2. Contact Roblox Support: If you believe the ban was a mistake or if you want clarification on how it will affect your ability to Dev Ex, reach out to Roblox Support. They can provide more information about the status of your account and whether this ban will impact future devex requests.
  3. Learn and Improve: Use this situation as an opportunity to reflect on your actions and learn from your mistakes. If you are allowed to devex again in the future, make sure you conduct yourself in a respectful and appropriate manner on the platform.
  4. Create Positive Experiences: Going forward, try to contribute positively to the Roblox community. Participate in discussions, create quality content, and interact with others in a respectful way. This will help rebuild your reputation.

But my opinion would be to stop bullying, you won’t get anything out of doing senseless actions, instead you’ll lose good things. But I don’t think getting banned for 3 days means you can’t Dev Ex anymore, make sure you have checked on how to dev ex if you haven’t before. Hope this reply gives a different insight for your problem. :upside_down_face:

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